About da-AL

Photo of my doggies and me.
My doggies and me.

“Flamenco & the Sitting Cat” is the general fiction novel that I authored and hope to soon publish, along with its sequel, “Tango & the Sitting Cat.” With any luck, this blog will intrigue visitors be interested in the books I write.

Before I became a novelist, I was a visual artist. Before that, I was a reporter for cable TV, radio, and print. My journalism awards include an Emmy.

My name was invented by my father, a proud Spaniard. My mother, from Argentina, endorsed it. Does it have anything to do with Salvador Dalí? Papá said no, that he didn’t remember where he got it from. Ever the weaver of tales, he would segue into an oh-so-characteristic-of-him story about when he dropped by unannounced to the famous painter’s hotel room.

Travel was his raison d’etre. Within months of my birth in Florida, I was launched into a childhood of relocating between U.S. coasts, and to various parts of Spain.

My current international life wouldn’t be complete without my Iranian-American husband, who shares my passion for international dance, cuisine, music, travel, and literature.

We also like animals. Black lab-mix dogs warm my feet as I tap at these keys. The kitties, who reluctantly tolerate them, are lured from their dents on my mother’s bed only by the sound of a tuna can being opened.

With my family of people and pets, I reside close enough and far enough from Southern California beaches to enjoy breezy, sunny, bug-free weather year round.

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– da-AL