Guest Blog Post: “Postpartum Education and Support” a video by David Hunt

Another informative guest post to da-AL’s blog by good friend, David Hunt …

About 30 percent of new mothers experience postpartum mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. Because women experiencing these symptoms often feel stigmatized or ashamed, and because health providers often fail to screen for maternal mental health issues, many women suffer in silence. For my final project for a master of arts in liberal studies at North Carolina State, I partnered with a nonprofit community organization, Postpartum Education and Support of North Carolina, to raise awareness of this issue and to promote the organization’s free peer support groups. I produced a short documentary-style video featuring the personal stories of four survivors of postpartum mood disorders. This video provides the organization with a new outreach tool that can be posted online and shared via social media and other electronic communication channels. This project was influenced by my coursework in multiple disciplines, including communication, political science, history, and gender studies.

Postpartum Education and Support of North Carolina offers a range of peer support services for women and families confronting postpartum mood disorders.

Call the Moms Supporting Moms Warmline at (919) 454-6946 or email

David Hunt has produced documentaries and educational media for over 30 years. Clients have included the Leukemia Society of America, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Body Glove International.

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Guest Blog Post: “3 Quick Tips on How to Tame a Semi-Feral Cat” in Shadow’s exact words

Another first here at da-Al’s blog! This guest post is by a cat …

Shadow the PR cat
Shadow the PR cat.

Did you know that many of the homeless cats we call “strays” are actually feral or semi-feral cats? Because of their wild nature and fear of humans, these cats are rarely adopted and often euthanized.

When Alexis Chateau PR adopted me on December 13, 2016, I was a semi-feral cat. Here’s how our Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, helped me come around.


When confined to a home or shelter, a semi-feral cat will not know how to find food, since he can no longer hunt. Use this to nurture a positive association between your presence and food. Keep in mind that a feral or semi-feral cat does not like to eat while you’re watching. Give us some space.

Shadow at first
Me on December 15, 2016. Still Semi-Feral, and cowering on the towel rack in the bathroom. This was my “you better not try to touch me, woman!” face. >_<


Is your cat susceptible to catnip? If so, then taming them just became a lot easier. Catnip may either make your cat slow and lazy, or bold and active. Successfully catnipped kitties may show reduced levels of fear, and may be more open to playing with you. The more you play with a cat, the greater the bond you form.

Shadow relaxing
Me on January 3, 2017 – The first time I initiated contact and jumped up into her lap. I’ve been doing this every day, since. 🙂


Alexis Chateau was able to tame me in just three weeks. However, most feral and semi-feral cats may take up to six months or more, to bond with their Hoomanz.  Because of this, patience is important. Forcing a cat to bond with you by cornering him or through unwanted petting will only lead to hissing, biting, and scratching. Let us come to you.

With patience, positive associations, and a few pinches of catnip, I learned to accept and love my Hoomanz. If you follow these tips, your semi-feral may grow to love you, too. Don’t give up.

About Shadow the PR Cat

Shadow the PR Cat is the Goodwill Ambassador at Alexis Chateau PR. His job includes tweeting, purring, taking selfies, rolling in catnip, and advocating for animal rights. Follow his kitty adventures on Twitter at @ShadowThePRCat.


Happy Earth Day everyone! by da-AL

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to heighten awareness about our obligation to protect the environment.

It was founded and created in 1970 by Iowan John McConnell, a devout Christian who believed it is essential for each of us to work for the common good. He committed his life to working for the relief of human suffering, namely peace and helping the environment.

John McConnell - Earth Day Founder
Earth Day founder and flag designer John McConnell. By Charles Michael Murray, Courtesy Endangered Planet, Laguna Beach, CA

Read more about Earth Day here and about McConnell here.



Guest Blog Post: “7 Legendary Star Wars Filming Locations You Can Visit in Tunisia” in Virginia Duran’s exact words

Tunisia for lovers of Star Wars, cinema, and travel — reblogged from another great site so we at da-AL’s blog could appreciate too …

Virginia Duran Blog

If you are planning a trip to Northern Africa soon, you may consider Tunisia as a potential candidate. No matter if you are a fan of Star Wars or simply enjoy architecture, these locations are worth a visit.

As an architect, I am fascinated by how these constructions previously existed and were accommodated in the film with so much respect for the local culture. In the same way, brand new creations blend quite well with the vernacular landscape. Most Tunisians, who haven’t even watched the movies, have kept the sets in remarkably good conditions. On one hand, they still make a lot of money out of it. However, I am more inclined to think they found something of their own in those excavated constructions made of earth materials – which wasn’t an accident by the way – and has become part of their current identity.

You don’t have to travel to a…

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Costa Rica animals, food, money, and plants. Some videos too by da-AL

A mere 0.1% of Earth’s landmass, Costa Rica harbors 5% of Earth’s biodiversity. Environmental protection is Costa Rica’s middle name. Ecotourism rewards Ticos (Costa Ricans) with jobs and commerce. Other countries take note: caring for Mother Nature pays off in $mucho$ $dinero$.

25% of its land is nationally protected. Compare that to the developing world’s average of 13% and the developed world’s average of 8%. Each Costa Rican drains the Earth a third less than each North American does.

Crops include coffee and sugar cane.

Tap or hover over photos for captions and to enlarge them.

What do you think about when you think of butterflies?

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Guest Blog Post: “The Big Question” in Story Teller’s exact words

Blogger the Story Teller shares his musings of 13th April with us here at da-AL’s blog. It’s autumn there in Cooroy, Queensland, a town in Australia…

Sunset yesterday, from the ’Story Hill.'
Sunset yesterday, from the ’Story Hill.’ I live on an old ‘Aboriginal Story Place’  a ‘place of power’  ‘a place of Stories.’

The big question for me is: ‘where did we come from, and where are we going to,’ or what is the point of ‘life and death?”

The other day, I was sitting in my garden. I was on my favorite garden seat, in the shade of a leafy green tree. Bees buzzed, insects clicked, birds sang… a genteel breeze moved the leaves and branches. Energy flowed like an invisible stream, I felt it on my cheek and the back of my hand. Some people call it the wind.

Blogger/Author The Story Teller
Blogger/Author The Story Teller

I felt profoundly happy and at peace with the world, I breathe in and fill my lungs with energy… I think about the big question. The energy of the universe fills my body, I am everything… everything is me. It’s blindingly simple…

I think and daydream; I’m in a big city someplace, I’m walking across a dusty road, rubbish spins listlessly on an unfelt breeze. Somebody in a dirty white shirt and unkempt trousers staggers towards me, he has no shoes and his feet are filthy. ‘Do you have the answer,’ he croaks as he gets closer.

I smile at the man, I don’t have to talk. I grabbed my shirt at the neck and ripped it open, standing there like King Kong with strips of shirt hanging from my fingers, the unformed universe fermenting in my chest. It was so black, it was before black; electrons shoot out like tiny white rods… they moved in a twisting, linear way.

I tell the man to step inside. I think to myself; “I am nothing… yet to me, I am everything.

Life is a conundrum, the mystery of it makes you smile, the possibilities endless.  Open your mind, dare to dream.

Thoughts on an autumn day down-under.

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I Love Costa Rica: Ziplining and Tarzan Swing Videos by da-AL

My beloved and I have yet to come down from the serious high of the Costa Rica vacation we took some months ago.

Here we are, hanging out in the rainforest of Monte Verde, in the northern part of Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for more Costa Rica posts.

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