Guest Blog Post: “Bugging About and Global Warming,” in Mick E. Talbot’s exact words

Each of UK nature lover Mick E. Talbot’s three sites (first here, and then here, and lastly here) is a delight. Here’s a sample of his unique writing and photos…

A Little About Me

Sticking to the little bit, as anything larger would constitute an autobiography, and if my memory serves me well they cost. So going back to when digital cameras became available to me, (some time in 2006), which meant I could take my interest in photographing wildlife into the realms of the affordable. Back in the analog days spending £50+ for a few hours enjoyment, and then the worry as to how many shots made the grade had me limiting myself until, yes, digital. A couple shots out of the many 10’s of thousands digital cameras allow.

yellow fungiThe first is of ‘orange peel fungi’, the second, although a captive bred specimen, is found in the wild in Lake Malawi, East Africa. It is of a cichlid, namely, Melanochromis auratus, one of the many cichlid species found in the lake.

Moving on to 2007, this was quite an eventful year. Cutting a short “About Me” even shorter, I made my first big insect find during this year, which got me a mention in the British Entomological Journal. The bug, a tiny little leafhopper, was first discovered back in 2001 by a professor from the university of Sussex, my find, the second in the UK, wasn’t until the year I’m on now, (2007),  and some 200+ miles further north in my back yard, literally, in the City of Lincoln. Well pleased I was, oh, its name, Zyginella pulchra.

The third photo depicts the male Z. pulchra, showing the distinctive red v,  formed by the closed wings, the female is basically monotone from pale green to yellow.

A big jump to 2010, this was my biggest year in the field of entomology. I discovered a first for the UK and it was also the start of my disillusionment with the professionals involved with natural history. The species involved this time is Conostethus venustus, and as my claim was not accepted even to this day, (I hasten to add it was originally authenticated by the county recorder), has still not been resolved, so my disillusionment is to some extent on-going. I’ll end this one with an image, and a link to my page on flickr where Tim Ransom, himself a professional entomologist, gave me the link to another claim a year after mine, and as far as I am aware is the one that has been accepted as the first. The image below is that of Conostethus venustus.

Moving on to 2014, the year when I first signed up to WordPress. Never used it until 2016, and then it was on the rebound from disassociating myself from the professional naturalists fraternity. My first posts were still concerned with, and for nature. My Garden Biodiversity blog goes to show just how much I was still involved with the recording side. I still go out with my cameras, and should I find something I can’t find an ID for online, I will let the appropriate authority know.

Getting toward the end of 2016, I found I was being drawn to poetry. Now, I have always been into writing poems, for the lads to their girlfriends, whilst in the army, and being somewhat of a romantic, for my beloved. Micks Blog, is where I started to really let go and used it in a way I have never done before, as in trying to inspire folk to get more involved with caring for wildlife. More than that, I thought would be a bit OTT. However finding myself online more often than my normal 8 hours, I was becoming more and more aware that climate warming was for real. And the main cause was due to all manner of human pollutant’s, from *deforestation, the destruction of sensitive habitats, the use of fossil fuels, which in turn pollute the atmosphere and the oceans. You will find all my feelings on the topic of pollution, climate warming, along with my romantic side in my poetry on my blog, Mick E Talbots Poems.

Other folk’s blogs that inspire me, and there are many, to name some I must, yassy66, a genius of a poet, a definite must read. Whispering Whippets, Xenia a mistress of Japanese poetry, and her amazing photos of her two whippets Pearl and Eivor. Her photography is amazing and her haiku visionary. My hosts blog Happiness Between Tails, the truth, her video on Happy Persian New Year! a Toastmasters Speech, is as far as I have got, but I am working on it. If I haven’t named your blog, and I found inspiration in it, you know who you are, and I thank you, and long may you continue with your inspirational works.

*Deforestation, pollution of the oceans and the burning of fossil fuels are the main human contributing factors that are affecting the world’s climate. The production of CO2 by industries is now recognized as a major contribution, domestic production of the gas is also adding heavily to its depth, and therefore needs to be considered. Deforestation, unless totally forbidden, is hastening the end of the world as we know it. Forests remove CO2 and produce life-sustaining oxygen, as does all flora, the oceans are also a major producer of the gas we breathe. How long do governments think they can go on supporting businesses that are either in denial or have no understanding, or even no wish to help in the control of global warming? If the scientists are correct we have less than a thousand years to put nature back on its feet. A study has highlighted the risk posed by projected climate change on the world’s ability to grow enough food. A US team of researchers found that forecasted shifts in climate by 2070 would occur too quickly for species of grass to adapt to the new conditions. For governments to think that global warming is a conspiracy is scary, and to think one of those is that of the United States of America, is a nightmare.

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Guest Blog Post: “An Incomplete Family,” in Michael Kraus’ exact words

Have you penned a story you’d enjoy seeing published online for free? Blogger Michael of Storybuss has you in mind! His site features other people’s fiction, as well as his. Here’s one he wrote…

Photo of heterosexual couple's hands with weddingbands
Photo courtesy of Josh Willink, Pexels

My husband and I were never able to get a child after trying countless times.

But we really wanted to bring a new life into the world that we could call our kid.

He of course really wants a boy but I wouldn’t really mind a boy or a girl, but I guess I would prefer a girl.

My husband and I moved to a nice big house with a very big backyard. And we live in a neighborhood with many children. We both always looked with jealousy but also with happiness as the kids gun down their friends with their water pistols.

One day my husband said to me, “honey we could also adopt a child.” I looked at him and I thought to myself, ‘why haven’t I thought of that?’ So the next day we decided to go to an adoption centre. We saw many different kids, we checked in and they made an appointment with three kids for us to have a chat with. Two boys and one girl. The girl was already twelve years old and we had a chat, but we wanted to see them grow from a younger age so we decided to not take her. Then there were two boys, they were brothers. One of the boys was four and the other one was six and both had black hair. They talked about many things to us without us even asking them for anything.

One week later we came back to the adoption centre to fill in the legal papers for the two boys to join our family. And we have never been more happy, they are both soaked from gunning each other down with their water pistols.

About the author: Hi, I’m Michael (Storybuss) and I am a day-to-day writer.

Guest Blog Post: “Finish What You Started,” in Jeyran Main’s exact words

Does your ‘to do’ list often threaten to strangle you as mine does?

Consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter, freelance book translator, and owner of Review Tales, Jeyran gets mega stuff accomplished, pus some! Here’s her tip for maintaining one’s cool…

Finish What You Started written over picture of a sky“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” David Allen

There are many things in our lives that we wish to change. That may be getting rid of bad habits or implementing new good ones. We set goals, promise ourselves, get a planner, get a coach, set reminders but still after a few days or maybe weeks, we give up. We get distracted or do not succeed in seeing any results, and so we do not finish it.

All of these 30-day challenges, 45-day goals, accomplish your goal in 2 weeks headlines draw you into joining them. You are empowered and feel inspired with thousands of other people that are with you in these group chats, forums, and Facebook groups. However, again after a few weeks or many months, you stop and quit.

Another good example is when you purchase something like a book and promise to read it, then as your reading the first book someone recommends the second book and so you buy that too. Then you see the third book; you buy it. Now you have three books of which you have not finished reading even one.

All of these unfinished starters accumulate and end up as stress causing health issues in your life. Imagine all of these incomplete starters to be a small gray dot on your heart. As you continue these dots end up together creating a black hole. Once the black hole is created, it is very hard to go back and to fix it.

The closure is everything for the mental mind. The human body strives to complete goals instead of piling them on. The recommendation is to try and finish one thing at a time before starting another. Give your body the calmness and the stress-free lifestyle it needs.

More of Jeyran Main’ thoughts, reflections, and book reviews at Review Tales.


Guest Blog Post: “Beautiful Souls: Daal” in Patty’s exact words

Dear fellow blogger Patty’s kind words have me blushing. Please visit her site not just for this post, but for the tons of other lovely writings and photos to be found there! Enjoy…

Mimosa Pudica

Just published my first spoken introduction via You-Tube. Remember, it is the FIRST time I created a video like this. I don’t work with a script on purpose and I chose Daal to do the first introduction for, because I know she is a forgiving soul 😉

Blog Daal: HERE

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Guest Blog Post: “How to Make Time to Read,” in Jeyran Main’s exact words

Woman & man waiting at bus bench
Need help getting a grip on time management? Photo thanks to the gifted Ryan McGuire.


Jeyran reads a lot. She has to, as a blogger, a consumer reviewer, a book editor, a book promoter, and a freelance book translator. Read on for tips on how she does it…

How to make time to read?

I have been asked numerous amount of times regarding my reading habits and how I get to read so many books and still manage to juggle everything else in my life.

Reading induces creativity and helps you mature your conception regarding complex problems. You grow intellectually and at the same time it comforts you in so many ways, which you may have never experienced.

Studies have shown that every year the average number of books being read in the United States decreases. This I believe is due to the hectic lifestyles we are modernizing into. Making time for such a rewarding thing, in my opinion, is crucial for your mental stability, growth and mood. Hence, I am going to share my secrets on how I read so many books a year with you, for it is just as beneficial as exercising every day.

Secret Number One: Set a goal when you start

When you start to read a book. Pick how many pages you wish to indulge in before setting it aside. For instance, promise yourself that no matter what, you will read 50 pages before you get up to do anything else.

You can increase the amount of pages, as you become a more regular reader.

Secret Number Two: Practice Speed Reading

This is a technique that is taught and is very effective. Speed-reading is especially beneficial if you are in university and you have piles of books (over 300 pages) you need to read in a short amount of time.

These techniques include things like reading in-group words instead of word by word or forcing your eyes to move faster by using a ruler or pen across the page.

Secret Number Three: Read before you sleep 

Reading before you sleep relaxes you and tires your eyes in assisting you to sleep better. It allows you to put everything you have done aside during the day and just sweep you away into the world of which your book takes you into.

Next time you feel that you have no time to read, think again. You have more time than you think.

Written by Jeyran Main


Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and works.


Guest Blog Post: “Just Move It” in April Carter’s exact words

Want motivation to get up out of that chair? Blogger April Carter writes about how exercise makes her feel great …

Photo of couple walking along beach, titled Just Move ItMy wrist vibrates. I glance down, its reminding me to get up and walk. Little red dots indicate that I met the hourly 250 steps but one gray dot sits there in a line of red. I blankly wonder how I missed an hour since I’ve been conditioned like a lab mouse to get up and move at the insistent vibration. I get up to walk and King Julian’s song runs through my mind:

“I Like to Move It Move It…

…Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)”

Photo with exercise watch: Have You Moved LatelyMy granddaughter would be so proud.

After slapping the Fitbit Blaze on my wrist last month I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the tracking device. Yes, I know, technically it’s so much more than that but I have an eerie sense that big brother is ALWAYS watching and tracking me and they kind of are. You see, the company I work for encourages fitness and, as part of their wellness program, provides employees a Fitbit of their choice. Just connect it the company’s wellness portal and start stepping towards a million steps to accrue points towards keeping health insurance. Yay for health insurance!

Like any good soldier I follow the device’s prompt and get to stepping all the while having mental conversations with the pushy little thing. I’ll keep that to myself. I don’t want to scare the children.

My EMPLOYER would be so proud.

Sneakers with motivational quote about benefits of walkingBut moving just a little bit every hour seems to be a huge benefit that has even hit the New York Times with an article by Gretchen Reynolds, “Work, Walk 5 Minutes. Work”.  She references a new study, which was published in November in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. The researchers decided to test several methods of increasing movement among office workers. This study basically found that moving, just a few minutes made the office workers feel better.

Yay for feeling better!

Photo of April Carter and websitePutting all fun aside, adding movement, whether walking, taking the stairs or playing with the kiddos, have proven health benefits.  The Mayo Clinic also cites 7 health benefits to exercise from controlling weight to having more energy to my very favorite bullet, “Exercise can be fun… and social!” Yes! Simply engaging in a walk with friends or by yourself in nature increases the happiness meter.

For me this is what it’s all about – BEING HAPPY.  So, get MOVING!

“I Like to Move It Move IT!

I Like to Move It Move IT!”


Guest Blog Post: “I am a proud Iranian American, but I’m not proud of America at this moment,” in Rose’s exact words

Given the social climate here in the U.S., particularly regarding immigrants, when I came upon Rose’s lovely new blog, I just had to share. Enjoy…

Rose overlooking the beautiful city of Shiraz after a morning hike with her family.
Rose overlooking the beautiful city of Shiraz after a morning hike with her family.

Hello lovely readers, my name is Rose. I’m a college student studying business entrepreneurship and I’m hoping to gain some sort of platform to help people in any way I can. I’m creative and passionate and blogging is a wonderful outlet for me. I blog about makeup, fashion, sex, and anything on my mind really! I have been invited to make a guest post for Daal, and I am so appreciative of the opportunity, I’m a baby to this blog world and I’m grateful for all it has brought me so far. The original post that inspired this one can be found here, please check that out.

I am just going to talk a bit more on how I feel as a United States citizen but proud Iranian citizen as well. It’s beyond devastating that the world is simply falling apart around us. I am surrounded by hope, my family member’s voices’ saying “don’t worry, this will all pass” but will it? The problem is quite deeper and more complicated than most people assume. There is racism deeply enrooted in some that cannot be erased. The solution, ironically, is simple. If we could all love and accept each other and take each other in as allies, this earth would be a much better place. History has proven the tragedy that is war, but for some reason people just aren’t learning. Why are we so prone to hatred? As humans we must realize the value of loving each other and spread positivity instead of anything negative. We must research, open our eyes, and put ourselves in other’s shoes with as little personal bias as possible. Subconsciously, you are always going to be biased in some ways, the key is to understand yourself and then try to understand another person’s situation as well as you can.

Rose and friends at a shopping mall in Shiraz, Iran. She addes, "Note the personal fashion, makeup, and hair being out."
Rose and friends at a shopping mall in Shiraz, Iran. She addes, “Note the personal fashion, makeup, and hair being out.”

I was supposed to go to Iran this summer and I was beyond thrilled to take pictures and make amazing blogs about it, but now I am afraid of leaving. As a citizen, I deserve the right to safely visit another country I am a citizen in, who is allowed to take that away from me? But as a college student, I am afraid that even if I am able to go, I may not be able to come back.

Please pray for our broken world.

If you would like to know more about me, here, and here, and here are some posts to get you started! I absolutely love interacting with you and hearing your opinion.